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We all know how difficult it can be to get ready for game day. Fighting traffic getting to the stadium, frantically shopping and planning ahead of time and cleaning up afterwards can all put a serious damper on what should be an awesome day of tailgating.
Well we thought it would be a good idea to help make sure your next tailgate goes off without a hitch. Our Tailgate-In-A-Box includes EVERYTHING you could possibly need for a tailgate. It's designed to make those stressful tailgating checklists unnecessary. We got you covered with everything you need; a grill, a grilling tools, charcoal, cups, napkins, plates, utensils and more! Never again will you forget something or stress over getting supplies together before heading to the game. Best of all, the cleanup is insanely easy.
 Our goal is to help make your game day experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible by eliminating all of the hassles typically associated with tailgating. So grab some friends, a Tailgate-In-A-Box, and see just how easy and enjoyable a game day experience can be. If you don't love our products we offer a 30 day money back guarantee
Lastly, you can shop confidently on our website because all credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate. We take this job very seriously and are intent on making game day better one tailgate at a time.